Mobile Number Login


At Flipkart, we always endeavor to create a personalised shopping experience for our customers and are constantly looking at ways to make all your interactions with us easy, safe and secure. We understand the importance of creating a verified communication preference in order to keep your shopping history, orders and other account related information accessible by only you. Our research indicates  a paradigm shift to m-commerce, a customer’s identity is strongly related to their mobile number.

With the above tenets in mind, we redesigned the signup and login experience to be more simpler and safer so that customers can do their shopping as quickly as possible.  You may  have noticed this recent change on the Flipkart mobile application which now allows you to log-in to Flipkart with your mobile number. We hope you love the change.

mobile login

It’s easier

Now you just need your 10 digit mobile number to sign up. We hope you remember your phone number though :) Even if you don’t, our Android app might detect it automatically. It would also auto-fill the One Time Password (OTP) to verify your number. Based on the detected identifiers, we navigate our users to signup or login screen with a pre-filled identifier to ease the login.

Not only sign up, it is also easier to recover or reset your password with mobile number. You no longer need to get into  your email and click on reset link. Just enter your number and tap on forgot password. Our android app will auto-detect and verify the OTP sent to your phone number and you are ready to reset your password. In order to enable our existing customers to use mobile number, we solicit their mobile numbers through prompts. Once you verify the number, you can use it in subsequent logins across platforms.

It’s secure

When using your personal mobile number to sign up, you would notice the  2 step verification, which is an extra layer of security.  We will automatically verify your phone number and password to completely secure your account.

It’s for everyone

Millions of Indians are joining the internet revolution. A lot of them don’t use email. Now, all of them can savour the Flipkart experience.

We are very happy to see so many consumers have already used this new signup and login experience, and have provided positive feedback.  Please continue to provide your feedback  so that we can keep working hard to make your experience even better.



Rahul Koul and Raman Arora