Gearing up for #TheBigBillionDays

The Big Billion Days are back and we, at Flipkart are super excited to bring you a bigger, better shopping experience on the App.
We’ve got a host of cool new features that are sure to make retail therapy even more fun this time around. For starters, we wanted to make shopping a collaborative experience and bring back some of the real world feel into the App. Now just like a day out at the mall, you can shop with your friends and family, no matter where they are using Ping.
Last year, we noticed shoppers pre-build carts ahead of the Big Billion Day and then go so far as to share login details and passwords with their friends and family. Now with Ping, you can share your wishlist or cart directly and get opinions from the people who really matter to you.

Ping’s easy drag and drop feature lets you share products and offers with the people who really matter to you. We’ve gone one step ahead and also let you take and share photos within Ping.

For example: Share a picture of a shirt you’re wearing and ask for help in finding a pair of shoes that match. You can even share share your screen using Ping, and show your friends all the products you are considering buying.

In sync with our promise of a great shopping experience on the App, we’re thrilled to have on board the “Image Search” feature. Primarily designed for the fashion and furnishings category, this feature replicates the offline shopping experience of “show me more like this” as it helps shoppers find visually similar products to things they like.

For big sale days like the BBD, the feature helps you save time browsing for products if you already have something specific in mind. All one has to do is click a picture or use a photo on your phone to find fashion products of the same colour, pattern or style on Flipkart.

For example: Describing a shoe or dress is often fuzzy and not easy when shopping online. Image search eliminates the need for defining a product, as it shows up products that are visual matches to what you have in mind.  We tested it on a bunch of tech bloggers earlier this year and found some very happy shoppers!

But that’s not all

The 2015 edition of #TheBigBillionDays will also see revamped cart and checkout features to ensure a smoother, faster checkout experience at the time of purchase.

We’ve recently migrated to a new data centre in a bid to enhance the Flipkart shopping experience. Last year saw reports of huge fluctuations in orders and inability to deal with traffic but with the biggest server farm in the country that has been built in house in just a few months, the Flipkart App now promises a more stable and reliable shopping experience on the App. 

We’re thrilled to bring you all these awesome features in time for #TheBigBillionDays. Download the Flipkart App (if you don’t have it already!) and get set to shop till you drop from the 13th to the 17th of October.