On The Flip Side – Tech @ Flipkart

Technology is all permeating at Flipkart. It reflects in the way we engage with our customers to create a memorable shopping experience.
Crafting solutions requires innovative use of technology and a constant willingness to experiment and learn. Engineers at Flipkart are heavily influenced by communities, especially Open Source, and believe that knowledge is there to be shared. We have done this using a number of mediums(talks, interviews) and this blog is another dedicated for the purpose.
While we got a few things right on technology, we also made mistakes and learned from them. The purpose of this blog is to share:
  • Our learnings when dealing with technologies and the impact they have on business and customers
  • Thoughts that individuals in Flipkart Technology team have about areas: Technology, Open Source, Community, Organization, Hiring, Hack-Days, etc ..
  • Our failures – and more importantly the learnings from them

All posts on this blog are by Flipkart engineers and contains their individual views, unbiased by any product, solution or business.