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Opt-In to save your card on

Enabling the ‘Save Card’ feature on was a big decision. It involved quite a few process changes and addition of new processes. In our roll-out plan for this feature, we also had A-B testing to figure out if opt-in was better for uptake and ease of use, as compared to opt-out.

To this end, the feature changed from the opt-in model (with which it was launched) to opt-out. This has now changed back to the opt-in model, since the test schedule is over.

Saving cards with trusted merchants has proved to be a better overall customer experience for frequent shoppers online and many sites do this today – including, Apple Store among others. PCI-DSS certified merchants can save customer payment information with them.

We are confident that all cards saved on are safe due to our strict adherence to PCI-DSS and we are duly certified for the same ( But, going by some customer feedback, we believe we should have worded our communication and messaging around the opt-out model during the A-B testing phase.

Seeking customer consent explicitly is indeed the right thing to do in the opt-out phase. Considering that a few customers felt that our opt-out phase was not done in the right spirit, we owe them an apology for the way we rolled it out. Customers who had their card saved without their explicit consent can delete the cards. Cards are indeed deleted from our system when users delete them.

For customers who desire to take advantage of a faster checkout experience on, we have added explicit content messaging around it. Feel free to check the relevant box to save your card details with us (again duly encrypted and tokenized) – you have our word that your card details are safe and we have spent a lot of time and effort to make this process fully secure and useful for our customers. We also plan to send out a confirmation email to notify customers who save their cards shortly.

To know more about how FlipKart’s certification of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 2.0 helps protect your data, click on the link below:

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