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Hello world!

by Mekin Maheshwari, President of Engineering, Flipkart

Two weeks, and I would have completed 3 years at Flipkart.

I would be lying if I said the journey has been exciting for me – Exciting is too mild a word for the journey that Flipkart has had, and this holds true for most folks in the Flipkart technology team, who have been on the journey for some time.

But in this sky-diving-like-fast-paced-journey, we have not done justice to sharing back enough.

We at Flipkart Technology have been strong believers in the power of community.  A lot of how we work internally is heavily influenced by communities, esp. the Open Source community.  We have presented in a few talks (especially at HasGeek conferences), and spoken a bit in interviews.  We have also talked about the technology and culture on Quora.  But, given all that goes on inside Flipkart Technology, I think we have done a terrible job of being transparent with the rest of the community.

This blog will fix that.

To give you a taste of what you can expect on this blog, we plan to share:
  • Our learnings when dealing with technologies and the impact they have on business and customers
  • Thoughts that individuals in Flipkart Technology team have about areas: Technology, Open Source, Community, Organization, Hiring, Hack-Days, etc ..
  • Our failures – and more importantly the learnings from them

We have had an internal tech blog for a while now and the posts there are top-notch (I’ll let you decide for yourself, as we plan to put out those posts on this blog slowly).

Looking forward to this becoming an avenue for sharing, learning, heated discussions, hot debates, ideas and collaboration.